Night Market at Leduc's Cultural Days Celebration

Alberta Culture Days:

the goal:

The goal of Alberta Culture Days is to:
-showcase the province's artists, arts organizations, cultural industries and other related cultural activities;
-encourage Albertans and visitors to discover, experience and celebrate Alberta's unique and talented artists and cultural expressions;
-promote the importance of culture as part of a prosperous and vibrant province; and
-ensure Albertans, throughout the province, have access to a wide range of cultural experiences and opportunities.

Alberta Culture Days began in 2008 as a one-day event (named Alberta Arts Days) to recognize the value of Alberta's arts and cultural communities. Since then, it has expanded into a vibrant, three day, province-wide celebration that has helped inspire the creation of Culture Days - a pan-Canadian movement to raise the awareness, accessibility, participation and engagement of all Canadians in the arts and cultural life of their communities.

Each year, thousands of Albertans discover, experience and celebrate our unique culture, heritage, artistic diversity and provincial pride through thousands of events in communities across the province. Alberta Culture Days showcases the province's artists, arts organizations and cultural industries, while encouraging Albertans to discover the important role the arts plays in developing a prosperous, vibrant society.

Our Culture Days Night Market
September 27th 5pm-9pm

Alberta Culture Days is helping to achieve the goals of our province’s cultural policy, The Spirit of Alberta

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